Useful Information about the Skin Acne Condition and Its Treatment

More and more people are stressing about their acne condition mainly because they have already had it for quite some time such as months and even years while using a lot of products to try and reduce it or even cure it without a significant effect. Treating acne is quite difficult and many times people get surprised when it suddenly goes away on its own as they would say. However, no condition can go away on its own unless the factors that caused it are gone as well. Acne is usually present in the teenage years when certain hormones are being increased. The main factor that causes acne in the teenage years is the increased testosterone which causes the increase sebum production in the sebaceous glands that are opening and excreting sebum in the hair follicles of certain body parts such as the face, the shoulders, the genitals, the back, and so on. Once this is present and the increased amount of sebum needs to be excreted through the follicles, it becomes easier for the pores of the skin to clog and therefore stop the sebum of excreting. This causes the development of acne. Acne becomes more severe when certain bacteria are also associated and it is called P. acnes. It likes to multiply inside the clogged pore and it produces irritating substances that only has a negative effect on the rest of the skin. This is usually associated with the increasing of the area which is affected by the acne as well as increasing of its severity and difficulty of curing.


Many people believe that the sun rays are helping reduce the acne and therefore are exposing their skin regularly to the sun. However, ultraviolet light can be quite dangerous to the skin cells and it is associated with skin cancer, which is why it is not recommended to try and use the sun light as a treatment for the skin acne. There is also no proof that skin acne is being reduced when the sun rays are reaching the affected area.


Other people believe that eating certain foods will make the acne go away. Of course, having a specific diet that improves the health of the person will certainly help the organism fight against the bacteria as well as make the skin more elastic and healthy which in turn will also improve the acne, but no food is associated with the cause of acne and no food can actually cure it.


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