Unique and Exclusive Shoulder Bags for Women Designed and Created by Gloriaca

Gloriaca is a Spanish company that creates, manufactures and markets handbags that are all handmade, ensuring that there are no look-alike designs capitalizing on its exclusiveness and uniqueness.

The company was established three years ago starting as a family project that was composed of three generations of women and has now created 5 jobs due to the customer’s acceptance and loyalty. They had made backpacks for men but concentrated on 3 bag models, the bag, bandolera, and minicubo now known as the bolsos bandolera mujer or shoulder bags for women.

Gloriaca specializes in unique and handmade handbags, bandoliers, minicubes, and gloriacos. Imperfection makes their handmade leather bags unique and exclusive since there’s only one per model.

Their bags are approximately 39 cm in height, 20 cm base and 65/70 cm handle length and currently on sale are 68 bag products.

Bandoleros have the same dimensions although the long shoulder strap is 93 cm in length and 170 available models.

Mini Cubes is smaller with the height of 29 cm, base of 14 cm and shoulder strap length of 111 cm and there are about 119 available for sale.

The Gloriacos got a height of 37 cm, base diameter of 20 cm and long shoulder strap at 115 cm, with 24 models available. Currently, what they offer are 9 gift covers as well.

The leather skin used for the bags is of high quality and the creative process beginning in the careful selection of materials, such as furs, fox, mink, pony, cavallino, carved, silkscreened, the use of neutral colors, and very lively colors in the bag design. The company boasts of the difference that they have from other companies is the enhancement that they process on the imperfection of the skins, making the product unique and different following up on their motto “imperfection makes them unique”.

The company doesn’t accept orders and never had done any campaigning or marketing of their products, but for the three years of their existence, there were no two Gloriacs are alike. The design is recognizable due to the hallmark of the different mixture of furs with fabrics known in the region, superimposition of different skin texture, fringes, or long haired furs with fringes.

Gloriaca debuted on the big screen in the movie, “Losing the North” when the Film Producer contacted the company to create and design a bag for the lead actress Bianca Suarez. From then on, the collection had moved forward steadily and successfully.

Gloriaca is available for purchased at all Multimarca stores nationwide in Spain and can be ordered online at www.gloriaca.com or anyone interested can drop at their shop from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm which is located at Calle Gonzalez Adalid in Murcia and will be personally assisted to help choose a unique and exclusive Gloriaca.

Shipments can be delivered within 24-48 hours, and easy payment options can be made through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. Feel free to send an email to gloriacadesign@gmail.com for any questions or call phone number 868240182.

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