The Little Details behind Every Book

Are you fond of reading also called as bibliophiles? Perhaps you are a writer or an artist. Whatever you are between the three, always remember that you are an artist. Imagination is our escape rope from the reality of life and whether you admit it or not, we have an imagination in different levels. Some of us daydream either when they are bored and got nothing to think about, or they are already tired of thinking. When we use our imagination, we are the king and queen of our own world. We can be whatever we want, and do anything we want to do. No one can stop us because it’s all in our heads.

If you are a reader or soon to be a reader, what type do you prefer, fiction or non-fiction? What kind of genre do you want to read? If you are into non-fiction books you will certainly love to read autobiography novela histórica books. Fiction books are those that are written by the authors based on their wild imagination. There are some truths in their stories but they can be exaggerated, fabricated, and improvised to lead the readers into a different perspective they want. On the other hand, non-fiction is those stories or books based on real experiences and lives of real people. These are purely based on facts and studies, not imagination.

What are the types and genres of fiction books? There is two main type of fiction namely literary and commercial. The commercial fiction has a wider range of readers as it includes mystery, romance, suspense or thriller, western, science fiction or fantasy, women’s fiction, horror, historical fiction, and young adult. What about the types and genres of non-fictions? Since non-fiction books are based on facts and true real people’s true story, it includes biography, autobiography, memoirs, academic books or textbooks, handbooks or guides and manuals, reference books, journalism books, travel books, and self-help or self-improvement books.

Where does the novela histórica belong to? Novela histórica is a novel set in a period of our history. It expresses the spirit, social conditions and manners from the past and makes it realistic with the use of the careful details. It can be associated with fiction books but there are also the autobiography novela histórica, where the writer himself narrates his story with the touch of history. Just like the autobiography and novela histórica by Ana Roos Krause.

Her book entitled the Storms and Whispers is based on her true story which falls into the non-fiction. The story goes from when her parents died and she decided to leave their town. Her book is packed with their dreams, emotions, love misunderstandings, and reality. She narrates how she became a victim of her husband’s humiliation and struggle as she kept on moving for her two daughters. She has begun traveling from different places boundless and free to lighten their problems. She shared the cultures she admired and learned from traveling together with the social injustices she had observed throughout her journey.

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