Safety Precautions in Riding a Hover Board

What do you think is the most popular gear today? If you do not have any idea, let us tell you. The most popular and in demand gear today is hover board. In the dictionary, hover boards are defined as a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation which greatly resemble a skateboard without wheels. But hover boards are no fictional board. It does exist but instead of levitating, it has wheels and is widely use for personal fun transportation.

With its immense popularity hover boards are not only seen on the streets and malls but are mostly owned by famous celebrities. Seeing them using these boards makes the whole navigating thing easier and so much fun. But, even though hover boards seem safe to be used, it will not hurt if we apply some safety precautions as we plan to comprar hoverboard of our own.

In riding a hover board we should abide with following safety tips:

  • Always wear a helmet and a safety gear.

There is no exemption in wearing a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Old or new hover board users must always wear their helmet and safety gear whenever they are riding the board. Aside from that, they should also be accompanied by someone to ensure their safety as they ride in the road or streets.

  • Make sure to calibrate the board.

Once the board is in full charge, unplug the board and place it in front of you. To calibrate the board, lift the wheel up and press hands on the foot pad, if the wheel is still in motion or spinning and if it does not shake on you that would be a simple sign that the board is already calibrated.

  • Stepping and Standing on the Hover board correctly.

In standing on the hover board without tripping, place right foot on the foot rest carefully but not that carefully. There must be enough pressure on the foot pad to ensure that it would not shake. Then, place the other foot on the other side. But ensure that the foot is close to the wheel as possible or else, it would be really difficult to ride the board and the foot sensors might not work properly.

  • When riding the board always look ahead.

This is a common mistake commit by new riders. They often look down as they ride the board which is a big NO! Because as they look down, their bodies tendency is too lean forward that could trip their balance. In riding a hover board, never look down but always look straight ahead.

  • Step back to get off the board safely.

Like it was mentioned above, leaning forward will result to lose control, slip, and fall. The right and the safest way of getting off the board is by stepping backwards with the dominant foot and then stepping right off with the other. The key here is focusing on the core or on the center of gravity for the balance.

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