Protect Your Door from Thief and Intruders Using These 4 Important Tips

When it comes to security and home improvement many homeowners always make sure that doors, windows, and any kind of passage going inside their home are burglar proof and locks are tough enough to avoid from being broken easily. Consider inviting a professional Locksmith at your home (cerrajeria a domicilio) is advisable and let them check each and every door lock of your door just to make sure that everything is working well.

Burglaries and intruders are your always concern when it comes to door safety since these people are always up to open doors of anyone’s home. They will enter your front or back door if leave unclosed or if your door locks are already worn out so keeping it locked and secured is very important to avoid bad guys from entering your beloved home.

Here are the things that you can do to keep your home safe from thief and intruders:

  • Make sure that you have the right and ideal door. It is crucial to have a strong and tough door and door locks because if your front and back doors are hollow and weak, you must replace them with the right choice of the door immediately. Make sure that all the exterior doors of your home must be solid and either made from solid wood, fiber glass, solid wood core, or in metal; just make sure that the metal is reinforced inside and have a lock block since it can be bent out of the frame using a car jack.
  • Lock your doors always especially when leaving your home. There is a high percentage of criminal reports that burglaries usually enter a victim’s home through unlocked doors. Keep in mind that even the strongest locks in the world are useless and nonsense if you will not use them, so always lock the door when leaving your home. Make sure to lock all the exterior doors whenever leave, even if you’ll just be gone a few minutes.
  • Consider installing deadbolt locks to your door. To make your home more secure, all your exterior doors must have a deadbolt lock in addition to the lock built into your door’s knob, but of course with the exception of sliding doors. Choose a high-quality deadbolt that ranges from grade 1 or 2, a solid metal that has no exposed screws on its exterior, with a throw bolt at least 1 inch long. Make sure that the locks are properly installed.
  • Also, install dead-lock. Adding an additional layer of protection such as deadlock will provide you extra security when you’re at home. Am exit-only deadbolt or so-called deadlock is a deadbolt that does not have an external key. This lock may be clearly visible on the door from the outside but it cannot be broken into without destroying your door, the door frame, or lock itself.

Keeping your home safe from intruders and burglars is very important to keep your family and yourself safe and sound. Your home should be the best and safest place for you and for your family, and in able to make it all happen considering the important tips mentioned will help you in keeping your family safe from bad people.

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