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LED or light emitting diodes are considered the unsung heroes of the electronic world. They are found in all kinds of devices and can do dozens of jobs. LED can be found as numbers in digital clocks, light up watches, transmit information from the remote control, and sets the alert when to turn off appliances. When collected together, it can form images on the big TV screen and illuminate traffic lights.

LED bulb can be described as tiny lights that are fitted easily into an electric circuit, but unlike an incandescent bulb, there’s no filament that burns out, LED bulbs doesn’t get too hot and is illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material when electricity passes through. The LED bulb’s lifespan can last a thousand hours longer than that of an incandescent bulb. These tiny LEDs are now replacing the tube that normally lights up HDTV in order to develop thinner TV sets.

LEDs are used for illumination and indication. Illumination is to shine a light on something just like a flashlight or a headlight, while indication is to point something out like brake lights or turn signal. Diffused LEDs are best for indication since they look uniform and soft and can be seen in all angles, while clear LEDs are best for illumination since the light is direct and powerful. A customer doesn’t need to go to a brick and mortar store to purchase LEDs since there are lots of tienda online de iluminación led (online led lighting shop) available.

There are lots of benefits and advantages for using energy efficient LED lighting compared to traditional lighting such as:

  • long operational life of up to 100,000 hours or up to 20 years
  • significant energy savings when it comes to maintenance and replacement
  • ecologically friendly since doesn’t contain toxic materials and 100% recyclable that can help reduce the carbon footprint
  • can withstand rough conditions due to its durable quality
  • designed to achieve fantastic lighting effects
  • operational even in extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • designed to focus light and be directed to any specific location that can provide a higher application efficiency
  • brightens up immediately when turned on and can be switch off and on frequently without affecting LED lifetime
  • can run on a low-voltage power supply and is most advantageous when using solar power


So far, the most energy efficient, eco-friendly and cleanest way of illumination is using LED lighting, a digital light that comes with a multitude of advantages and benefits. The fact that using LED made a big leap in technology by upgrading from analog to digital had provided lots of benefits to LED users and the planet as well.

That’s why LEDMas believed there are plenty of good reasons to be passionate about LED illumination and glad to offer quality LED lighting products from certified LED manufacturers. LEDMas is the best online LED lighting shop in Spain to buy LED bulbs, lamps, PV panels, down lights and accessories. Deliveries can be accomplished within 4-15 days and for inquiries and concerns, send an email to info@ledmas.es or phone 933157916.

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