Learn About the Different Types of Extendable Kitchen Tables and Its Benefits

Among all your home furniture, you have to admit that you draw less attention to your dining table. Even from the moment you bought your first dining table, all you care about is it’s enough for everyone living in your home and have a long lifespan.

But your small dining table is not really enough because it serves a minimal purpose and flexibility. As you live in a modern home, you must understand that the furniture’s flexibility should be part of your priorities as you shop for your home furniture. When we talk about flexibility and multiple purposes having a mesas de cocina extensibles / Extendable kitchen tables can solve all your dining room problems.

Besides providing flexibility, the best thing about these kitchen tables is that it comes in different types that suit every household needs. As you plan to purchase your first folding or extendable kitchen table, you may want to educate yourself about its types and the advantages of owning one:

  1. The Drop Leaf Table.

This type of extendable table is considered to be one of the oldest folding tables produced in Elizabethan 16th centuries ago and are formerly called as “refectory tables”. This table has a distinct feature of being folded into three parts. It has a fixed center that is generally attached to the table legs and the two more section can be folded down at opposing ends and are being attached at the center hinges.


  • It can be positioned against the wall and offers additional by unfolding the dropped side without having to move the table.
  • It can play a role of being a handy kitchen table by folding down its foldable parts.
  • It is perfect for single people, but still requires an extra seating for special occasions.
  1. The Gateleg Tables.

This type of table has a similar design with a drop leaf table, their only difference is the way the table top is positioned when extended. Besides from that, the surface of this table is supported with a leg that folds out from the center of the table.


  • This table is more compact compared to a drop leaf table, meaning it provides more space.
  • It provides the same benefits like in a drop leaf table.
  1. The Common Extendable Dining Table.

This type of table is not that flexible as a drop leaf or gate leg, but it comes with an added bonus because it can be enlarged to accommodate 6-10 seats. The good thing about this type is that it comes in various designs. You can choose from a table to have sliding parts that can slide out between the tables itself, some have a middle segment that unfolds a system of clips and additional panels that are very convenient for you.


  • This table provides plenty of seats for people with larger volume, which means this table is very handy at Christmas time, birthdays, and on different special occasions.

By knowing the major types of extendable kitchen tables and their advantages, it would be a lot easier on your part to select one that fits your household the most.

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