How to discover the best music top indie songs


Discovering new music to listen to is always a nice experience. But it can be difficult to find the time to discover the top indie songs that are out right now. Luckily there are different services that you can use to help you discover new music that is worth listening to. Here are some ways that can help you find the best and newest top indie songs.

  1. Use music discovery websites

There are many websites that are built specifically for the discovery and listening of music. This can be an effective way of having your tastes be factored in to help discover the new music that you would like. Discovery music websites also often list the newest top indie songs too.

  1. Browse YouTube

YouTube will often recommend you videos based on your viewing history. If you check the front page, you can often see the latest trending videos of the latest top indie songs. Browse around YouTube, and while you are watching a music video of an artist you previously liked, you may find someone new on the featured music videos on this video streaming website.

  1. Listen to playlists

Playlists are compiled sets of music tracks that people have put together. Playlists are often built around one genre or theme, so it can be a good way of finding new music. This is because you are listening to new music that most people are listening to at the moment.

  1. Read music album reviews

Many websites also review the latest music. If you check out the album reviews out right now, you can see albums that have high scores by reviewers. Following reviewers and then choosing to listen to music that they recommended, will ensure that you have a constant stream of new and great music to listen to all the time.

  1. Tune into the radio

Listening to the radio, for new music that you like, can require random luck. Radio stations could play a huge number of new songs a day, and you have to tune in at the right time of the day to catch a track that you may like. However, it can be worth the effort if you do happen to come across a song that you like out of all the ones being played. You can listen to music on the radio while driving, so you can potentially enjoy new tracks while commuting.

  1. Check the charts

The billboard charts often have the latest and greatest of the top indie songs being played right now. Just go the indie genre, and see what songs, albums or artists are in the chart’s rankings. These songs are on the charts for a reason. They were made by great artists, are catchy, and thousands of people are listening to them.

  1. View recommended lists

Usually, at the end of the year, different publications will put out the various top or ranked lists of music. These lists will often recommend a huge amount of new artists, songs or albums. So if you want a huge list of the top indie songs to listen to, it may be best to wait for these recommended lists to be out.

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