How to Care for You Electronic Scooter’s Battery

These days the growing populations of monopatines eléctricos enthusiasts are spontaneously increasing, also comes growing concern on the longevity of the electronic scooter and its parts. When it comes to the important parts, the typical concern is over the battery life and cost of replacing it. Here are some guidelines in caring for the battery that we usually see in electronic scooters.

  • When it comes to deciding on your electronic scooter, it is very important to go for one that uses a Lithium based battery, over one that uses Lead Acid. Because compared to Lead Acid, the Lithium batteries are known to have a longer life cycle, more maintenance free, weigh less and above all this known to charge much faster. Fortunately, we do not need to worry too much because these days majority of the electronic scooters around are already using Lithium Batteries.
  • All batteries degrade over time with use; this applies to any kind of electronic batteries. That why it is essential to understand your lithium battery’s life. You can use your battery after it reaches its maximum cycle count, but somehow you may notice a reduction in your battery life. Typically, what this only means is the capacity of the battery will begin to drop after the specified life cycle capacity.
  • Consider environmental conditions .Lithium-ion batteries are strongly temperature- dependent; its capacity drops faster if it is stored or used at a higher temperature. You can bring your scooter into the house with a good ventilation and keep it out of the sun and heat when possible
  • Most of the manufacturers recommend that you leave your battery with at least 40 percent charge if you want to store it and use it for extended periods. The battery will surely lose charge over time on its own even when not in use, and you want to ensure there is enough battery to keep its protection circuit running.
  • Always ensure you use the provided charger for your electronic scooter. Because charger from other sources may change your battery too fast, which may stress the battery.
  • When it comes to charging the battery, it should not be necessary to monitor your electronic scooter whenever it is charging or immediately unplug it when it’s already done.
  • It is important to avoid entirely depleting your battery before charging it. Try to always keep your battery for at least above 10 percent and charge it before it reaches that level.

In addition for the caring of your electronic scooter here are some pointers that you may consider:

  • Never forget about the oil

–    As everybody knows oil is a very important tool that is needed for any type of motorized vehicle to run, especially electric scooters.

  • The power of the spark plug

–    The power that is within these spark plugs plays an essential role in keeping the engine running and performing at its peak potential.

  • The importance of the air filter

–    Always make sure that the air filter within the electric scooter remains clean throughout the year. Debris and dust that the scooter will encounter whenever it hits the road will eventually clog the filter, which will surely lead to the weakening and damage to the engine and a detrimental decrease in overall performance.

  • As the owner and driver of the electronic scooter, it is important in your part that you should know it better than anyone else. And as soon as something starts to feel wrong whenever it is on the run, and not look right when it is off the road, do not procrastinate.


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