Different Kinds of Men Undergarment and Differences in its Cut with its Type

Underwear or undergarments are clothing worn inside our clothes with direct contact on our skin. There are many types of underwear for men but most of us don’t it, we just assume that underwear is just underwear and now we can buy underwear online. Underwear for men is a little bit cosy and is less fashionable compare to other clothing we have in our closet. Much online market is indeed a good source of a well-known brand but let us know what are the different kinds of undergarments are;

  • Slip –this is for women’s undergarment but sometimes used for men’s undergarment and is typically brief style.
  • Trunks –this was the vice versa of women swimsuit. It is brief shorts, it may loose-fitting or tight, mostly worn at sports like swimming and boxing.
  • Boxer –in girls undergarment they also have a boxer but this name is mostly used for men undergarments and is an all-around-elastic shorts.
  • Surf or typically known as boardshorts –is usually used for men with aquatic activity such as surfing.

Boxers compare to brief can’t wear outside the house but unlike kids, they can go out by just wearing it.

The differences of men’s undergarments between low, medium and high-rise;

  • Low-rise –it is below the natural waistline on the hips just giving enough space to cover up and not much more. This is normally worn with low-rise or workout jeans and shorts.
  • Medium-rise –its waistband sits at the natural waistline and is normally worn with regular cut jeans and board shorts.
  • High-rise –it sits right below the belly button with just a traditional fit and normally worn with high-waisted pants.

Types of men’s undergarments;

  • Flashy and metallic –if you have this, you probably want to show it since this kind of undergarments are meant to be seen and if a man is not usually wearing this kind, he probably is looking for attention.
  • Black and white –this is the type that can give you a good comfort.
  • Casual lounging briefs –this type of undergarments are for persons who enjoy staying at home because it is made to be comfortable at home.

There are still many to mention types of undergarments that you can find. But the three above is what mostly been bought by men. Whatever you choose or prefer to wear doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfort and this does not give you a problem wearing it means that you are really taking the good shots of choosing your own things. Be adventurous on choosing there’s nothing wrong if you want to have a little challenge of yourself.


Learning what type of underwear for men is available and what kind of innovation thus this have is very difficult to distinguish.

Although there still many men who are not fond of buying this through online and not fund of knowing what kind of undergarments they have or will have.

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