Most Common Types of Coat Racks Available Today!

Are you looking for a coat rack that can replace your old one? If yes, you are in the right article. We are about to tell you the different types of coat racks available this days. And the best part is, you can purchase branded coat racks, or you can settle for a percheros de pie baratos / cheap coat racks, whatever your heart desire.

Are you ready to learn the common types of coat racks? Check out this list below:

  1. The Standalone Variety

This one of the most popular type of coat rack for the reason that it can be easily recognized as it stands alone in the room all by itself and providing owners with numerous hooks. Though this piece might seem iconic in appearance, this type of rack can take several forms and can be consist of different materials.

  1. The Wooden Standalone Racks

This type of rack is greatly in demand when it comes to a rustic environment for the reason that it is available on wood and comes in different color types like mahogany, strong oak, and an elegant birch. Certain types of woods are chosen because of its stronger than other but, the decision still relies on your choice of wood.

  1. The Metal Standalone Rack

These types of coat rack are often made with minimal designs. This is due to the fact that they are being built to be strong and rigid providing you with the strength that you need to hold your coats together. The majority of this rack is actually created from aluminum or stainless steel.

  1. The Artisan Racks

Amongst all the types of racks, the artisan rack is not created to be functional but is made for artistic purposes only like designing the room. This is the fact that artisan racks are abstract, define shapes and contain a different combination of materials.

  1. The Wall-Mounted Variety of Rack

If your home is small enough and you no longer have enough space for a standalone rack, you should select a wall mounted coat rack. This kind of rack is ideal for homes with empty walls or for those who want to use their space in a more functional way.

  1. The Wooden Wall Mounted Racks

Similar with the standalone racks, this type of rack is also available in wood. The good thing about this is that it’s durable and can be easily mounted on the wall. But, you should keep a close eye on this rack because it tends to break a lot faster than others.

  1. The Corner Coat Racks

This kind of rack can help you save up some more space. Why? This rack is often accompanied by shoe storage or a cabinet bench. The best thing about it is that it’s decorative in order and it can draw people’s attention to the room’s corner.

  1. The Compact Variety of Rack

Numerous wall-mounted coat racks are also foldable and changeable. The compact rack actually features hooks and the so-called rungs that do not stick out unless they are used for clothing. With this, you’ll be able to save up on space.

With the selection of coat racks stated above, you will surely find the right one that’s ideal for your home and your room space.

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