Can Deer Antler Velvet Really Help You Get the Dream Body

Many people are asking themselves questions regarding how to easily and quickly or with as less activities as possible to get the body they have been dreaming of. It is certainly the dream of everybody to look as they really want to and to be able to keep those looks as the time passes for as long as possible. There is a product that certainly increased the public interest and it is called deer antler velvet. It got really popular after the player Ray Lewis said that he has been using it during the games in Superbowl. The mass media is asking whether or not he is actually saying the truth, but the majority of people have a very simple and different question – does this product really work in the way presented by this player?

There are different studies conducted about the deer antler velvet product but the most important information required to understand if it actually works is about the main ingredient in it – the IGF 1. The IGF 1 or insulin-like growth factor 1 is a hormone that is produced inside the liver, as well as by the testicles but in smaller amounts. The normal levels of IGF 1 in the blood during young age helps the regeneration of cells in the different tissues inside the body, as well as the normal blood vessel growth. Many researchers also say that the IGF 1 can increase the life span due its possibility of keeping the cells dividing and multiplying, as well as regenerating. This has a major effect on the muscle cells and this is why increasing muscle mass is easier and faster when IGF 1 is taken and its blood levels are increased. Therefore, IGF 1 supplements can be used as bodybuilding substances and many people are already giving it a try.

However, many people are concerned that the deer antler velvet products do not actually contain IGF 1 but other substances and many of them even bring lists of their suggestions but there is no actual prove for any of them. It can be accepted as a risk taking this supplement because of the unknown and not that well established list of contents. However, there seem to not be any cases of problems when it comes to the deer antler velvet because of how many people are already taking it and experiencing its effects. However, keep in mind that the side effects if there are any will take some time before presenting themselves and maybe even years need to pass for these people to start experiencing the actual results from taking the deer antler velvet products, including if there is IGF 1 substance inside or not.

Taking supplements of this type is recommended to be avoided in order to not experience any unnecessary changes with your body, because all of the results you want to achieve are possible with simple hard work. However, if you are determined to take supplements then make your choice wisely.


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