Back 2 Basics: Accentuating with Pulseras Personalizadas Baratas

Fashion is just a poetic term for confusion—they tell you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and then they judge you. Most people express themselves in their way of clothing, but up until now, no one seems to fully understand how that works.

Long-story-short, the fashion community is chaotic. A lot of supermodels can attest to that—and Cara Delevingne is one of them. Her modeling story is an open book to everyone.

It was in March, last year when her powerful essay with TIME Motto was published publicly. In her post, she revealed how the fashion community treated her and how she felt the whole time she was working with it. Despite the supermodel’s success, she said that her ‘vantage point had changed’ and that she was ‘proud of her accomplishments’ but wasn’t ‘genuinely happy’ at what she’s doing.

See how sad some seemingly ‘perfect’ things can get? Looking on the brighter side of this story, at least now, Cara was able to do what she wants and be completely happy with all her outputs. She is now an actress and she’s good at it!

Now, going back to fashion—no matter how vile the discrimination gets, everyone still wants to be in. everyone still wants to belong. Some have found their own way on how to mingle with the rest, while some are stuck in the maze of this industry, still clueless of how they should be.

The word “fashion” is an open interpretation. To different people, it has a different meaning. No meaning is wrong. Dress up the way that you know.

But the mix and matching of your clothing pieces in your wardrobe doesn’t always come in “whatever-is-easy” rule. Choosing what to wear is quite a work already, but to look like a piece of art, you have to accessorize a bit.

The magic is in those pieces, really.

You are free to style yourself however you want to, but if you wish to stun the world and take on the limelight, here are the basic accessorizing rules that you need to know:

  • INVEST IN GREAT SHOES. Shoes can either make you or break you. More than anything in your whole outfit, your shoes will dictate your mood and get-up—whether you’re on casually, sexy, and so on. Black shoes are a must but don’t stick up on them. Explore different colors, designs, and prints. There is nothing wrong in buying expensive shoes which you could use long-term. Just be wise and reasonable enough.
  • WEAR JEWELRY. It does not have to bold pieces. It could be a simple pair of earrings, a statement necklace, some good pulseras personalizadas baratas (cheap custom bracelets) that will go well along with your whole outfit. It doesn’t have to be expensive too. Worry not of the jewels—the right amount will do you no harm.
  • MATCHY-MATCHY IS TOTALLY OKAY. Having a certain theme for your look is honestly a good idea. It will help you easily mix and match your accessories.
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO INVENT. Mix and match pieces to create unconventional looks that are fabulous and unique. This might also help you discover your own style.
  • ABOVE ALL, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT LESS IS MORE. This is the most important rule of all. Do not feel obliged to wear something if you don’t feel like wearing it. Simplicity is beautiful, anyhow. Being minimal is a great way to avoid some sorts of fashion faux pas.

Who knew looking pretty can be this confusing?

Let nothing or no one stop you from dressing up the way you want to. You are your own person—don’t let anybody change that. You are beautiful—always remember that.

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