6 Reasons You Definitely Don’t Want to Cut Your Hair Yet

Sometimes, looking at the mirror while combing your beautiful long locks you ask yourself if now is the time to cut your hair. You just want to have a big change for yourself and thinking that your hair should undergo that process first. Hear me out. You don’t have to cut your long hair to make a statement or just plain bored. If you really want it, then go. But if you still have some inhibitions, read these reasons below for you not to cut your precious hair.

  1. Practicality reasons

Along hair actually keeps your hair from the cold. It keeps your shoulders and ears warm during the cold hours. You can just make your hair look like a bun during warm seasons if the sweat sticks to your whole body.

  1. Gives you the chance to go for different hairstyles

It is possible to have different hairstyles without cutting your hair so might as well have a long one. You can do so much improvise hairstyles like curling your hair, making a perfect bun and a whole lot more. Plus, you can just use a beanie and a cap to hide all that hair if you want to.

  1. It fits with almost any face shape

It is true that a short hair can be a statement or can reveal your edgy style but a long hair can fit on any look you want to be. Whether you are on a gala night or just a quick trip to the park, you can play with your hair and have lots of styles.

  1. Braids are so trendy today.

There is a lot of braiding tutorial all over the net because it is very trendy right now. With a short hair, you can’t do your braid so that is the reason not to cut your hair. Maybe with all the designs out there, having braids might be your new look.

  1. You can wear a ponytail having a long hair.

Admit it, deep inside you just love wearing a ponytail. It’s the most classic hairstyle there is so do not deprive yourself not to achieve that youthful looking hairstyle using your lazos para el pelo.

  1. You can cut it anytime but it takes forever to grow

Sure, you can go for that pixie cut that you always wanted just don’t regret seeing your beautiful locks chopped down. It is so difficult to bring back that long hair especially when you are impatient. So don’t have an impulsive move in cutting your hair or better yet, not to cut it at all.

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