4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Dog Carrier

“Dogs are a man’s best friend” this is a saying that most of us know even at a young age.  Although there are some who prefer other animals as pets, there are still more of us who still proves that this saying exists.  But dogs don’t only serve as a pet or guardian in our homes.  As they grow, we become more attached to them and we eventually learn to love them as a true-blooded member of the family.

As a result, we often bring them along wherever we may go.  With this, dog owners have to always find a way to easily transport their beloved dogs.  Thank goodness, dog carriers are invented.  These carriers offer not just comfort but also the security that your pet won’t go anywhere or be lost in a public place.  But not all dog carriers available in the market are the same.

There are some factors that every dog owner should take note when buying one.  So, here are four of the things you should watch out for:

Check railway or airline regulations

Transportation doesn’t only mean riding in a car.  Sometimes we plan to go out of the country or just a nearby state.  But as we can’t leave that adorable dog alone, we tend to take them on an airplane or at a train.  However, we just can’t buy them any type of carrier.  There are standards that every airline or train station follow so be sure to check it first before buying.

Don’t buy an oversized or too small dog carrier

Size is a very big factor when it comes to buying a carrier.  Too small and it will suffocate your beloved dog.  Too big and it will make him more relieve to just be in one corner.  To be able to know which size works well, better buy a carrier that matches your dog size as well.  Chihuahua and Shih Tzu will need an extra small transportines para perros pequeños.

On the other hand, bigger dogs like a German shepherd, Labrador retriever, and Greyhound typically will need more room so it is advised to buy an extra large one.

Go with durability

Aside from the size, another big factor to watch out is the material from which the carrier is made of.  There are variations when it comes to the material.  Some are made of plastic while others are made of wire or metal.  There are also instances wherein the carrier may be tipped or knock over with travelers on while at the airport so better get something that offers durability and stability at its best.

Ensure ventilation while inside the carrier

Ventilation is but a very important thing when choosing a carrier.  After considering the three above, and leaving the fourth into oblivion, you’ll just risk the life of your dog.  Ensuring that there is enough air in and out of the carrier will give as much comfort to your dog.

Once you’ve included these factors in your list before buying the carrier, you’ll surely have the best carrier for your beloved dog.  Even if it is quite pricey, the assurance it gives still stand out.  After all, it would never equal the price of the love for your pet and best friend at the same time.


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